The SOULFULLY YOU® card deck.

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A tool for soulful self~leadership.

Balancing professional challenges with introspective moments can feel like an impossible juggling act.

Are you seeking clarity and a pause amid the ceaseless noise and busyness of daily life?

Do you feel called to mix intuition and inner guidance with logic and linearity?

Meet the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck - a tool and compass for those moments.

Who is the deck for?

The world doesn’t change by those who merely fit in, but by those who dare to lead soulfully.

This deck has been created for those with the courage to dive deep into self-discovery and emerge as the truest versions of themselves: introspective souls, conscious leaders, the ones continuously looking inward to chart their outward journey.

Designed to help expand your thinking and rediscover your truth, it provides a great framework if you feel called to own, embody, and live your truth. If you want to show up more fully than you do today.

Not only designed for personal reflection, this deck is also a tool for coaches aiming to guide their clients to profound discoveries.

How is it different?

Unlike generic decks, this deck illuminates the unique path YOU are meant to travel.

Every card acts as a mirror, reflecting your aspirations, vulnerabilities, strengths, and values. The questions presented don't impose answers; they help you uncover your own.

The cards help you to explore what is true for YOU. They help you to activate your inner guidance and develop your awareness so that you get increased insight into what’s important to YOU.

This deck helps you identify and get clarity on who you want to be and how you want to show up. As a human being, role model, and leader in business and in life.

In a world full of noise,

be a leader that resonates.

Navigating the path of conscious self-leadership sometimes mean walking the path less traveled. Let this deck guide you to manifest your vision, align your actions, and embody the leader and role model you always wanted to be.

Each card in this deck isn’t just a tool, but a mirror reflecting your authentic voice, your purpose, your truth. You are not just reflecting; you are recalibrating, redefining, and revolutionising your inner cosmos.

If you've been on the quest for authenticity, for a tool that not only resonates with your journey but also catalyses it, the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck is for you.

But, it’s not just a deck; it’s a portal. A portal to clarity, alignment, inner guidance, and most importantly, to the 'soulful you' yearning to emerge.

Join a community of soulful leaders.

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User feedback

These cards are different because they encourage us to look within for the answer. A fantastic gift for a curiously-minded individual who is seeking soulfulness!

–Nicola Deverson

Financially Fit Academy

A comprehensive and powerful deck! I love how accurate my card pulls have been and how there is always a powerful message to reflect and act on.

–Joanna Rawbone

Flourishing Introverts

I have used the SOULFULLY YOU® cards with my clients and it has been very helpful in helping them to explore different parts of their business journey.

–Katy Davies

Piece of Cake Coaching

I found these cards inspirational, reassuring, and a really useful way of connecting with my inner guidance and intuition.

–Sara Price


CARD SIZE: 85mm x 120mm

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What's included?

– A welcome and introductory card.

– A card with ideas for spreads.

– Overview cards of 3 defining energies: CREATOR, CHANGEMAKER, and CATALYST - each a facet of your being.

– An array of 36 diverse cards with guidance and prompts and an invitation to reflect.

– A card representing the Unknown.

This deck doesn't come with a booklet with predefined narratives or explanations of the individual cards. Instead, the real magic lies in YOUR interpretations, aided by your internal compass.

More than just cards.

For countless women, balance feels distant, introspection feels luxurious, and leadership sometimes feels inauthentic.

The SOULFULLY YOU® card deck bridges that gap. It’s a journey, a mentor, a moment of stillness amidst the chaos.

Some Features & Benefits:

Authenticity Blueprint:

Learn to lead not from a place of expectation, but from genuine authenticity.

Guided Self-Reflection:

With curated questions and prompts, dive into the voice of your soul.

Actionable Insights:

Not just introspection, but transformation. There’s a clear path forward.

Why did I create this deck?

"Apple once said, “Think Different”. I invite you to “Lead Soulfully”, to become the beacon of soulful change the world needs."

For many, balance feels distant, introspection feels luxurious, and leadership sometimes feels inauthentic. I want to remedy that.

When I embarked on the journey of creating the SOULFULLY YOU® card deck, I had a vision: to help create a world where leaders and role models embrace their soulful side, whatever soulful might look like for them.

The intention behind the deck is to present a bridge – connecting your present to the future you envisage. Each card is a testament to my belief that being true to who we are require us to take ownership of what we believe in. Sharing this card deck with you is me taking ownership of what I believe in.

I think of this deck as a mentor or a guide for your journey to deeper alignment with who you truly are.

If you’ve known me for a while you know that I get my inspiration and cues for taking action from inner guidance and that this is how I operate in my business and life in general. This card deck has been born from listening to my soul and by listening to inner guidance.

I am very proud of how this deck has turned out and now you get a chance to experience it.

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