A Deep Dive by the Sea

Deal, Kent

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Are you yearning for a genuine escape to recalibrate your thoughts without business interruptions?

Do you find it challenging to remember the last time you felt truly present in the moment, away from screens and client calls?

Are you looking to get away from the hustle; to have some space to breathe, think, and realign with your deeper goals, the voice of your soul?

A Deep Dive by the Sea is perfect for curious souls and seekers. It's perfect for those who resonate with a pulse of life beyond its superficial rhythm. This is a call to your innate desire for introspection and a journey back to your core.

Why 'A Deep Dive by the Sea'?

Amid the buzz of leadership roles, milestones, and day-to-day, there's a voice within that seeks your attention. As you've conquered challenges, there might be moments when you've felt adrift from your inner compass.

In the tranquil beauty of Deal, Kent, this experience is an invitation to find what's authentically you.

Personal Introspection

It is an invitation to delve into your soul, searching for the harmony that sometimes gets lost in life's chaos.

Authentic Connection

This isn't about following a preset life trajectory but crafting one that's uniquely yours, feeling right at every curve and crossroad.

A Safe, Nourishing Haven

In a world overflowing with voices, this is your chance to mute the external and amplify the internal. A sacred retreat to connect with your essence.

Benefits & Outcomes

Guided Reflection

Immerse yourself in an environment where everything feels interconnected, echoing the rhythm of your soul.

Energised Focus

Emerge with renewed connection, deeper clarity, ready to face the world with a rejuvenated spirit.

Customised Experience

Just as no two souls are identical, this experience is uniquely crafted for you, echoing your journey and aspirations.

Women of vision, who have ventured on this kind of transformative journey, emerge with profound insights.

They discover a crystal-clear vision of how their soul yearns to shine, both in personal relationships and professional settings.

This not only guides them but also illuminates their core values, ambitions, and purpose, crafting a life steeped in authenticity.

Soulful Alignment

Rediscover your true essence, and how soul wants to be expressed in both personal and professional spheres, ensuring that every subsequent step you take is in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

Personal Clarity

Plunge into the depths of self to decipher what 'soulfully you' genuinely means. Come away with a more robust bond with your inner guidance providing direction and insights into your values and vision.

Elevated Lifestyle

With soulful alignment and personal clarity, map out a life of authenticity that transcends the ordinary and elevates every aspect of your existence, ensuring every day reverberates with intent and passion.

Unlock a deeper understanding of what genuine freedom feels like, forging a powerful connection with your inner compass.

The Investment & Experience

For an investment of £870 (incl. UK VAT), you gain more than just a day away from the office. You gain clarity, alignment, and an understanding of how to craft the life you desire.

Ease of Access

Hop on a high-speed train at London St Pancras, and find yourself in Deal, Kent, just 90 minutes later.

Tailored For You

Prior to our immersive day, we'll meet over Zoom, ensuring the day is sculpted around your aspirations and needs.

A Day of Soulful Connection

Our day commences with breakfast or brunch at my favourite spot in Deal. We then devote the rest of our time together to profound conversations, forging a path for soulful living and working.

If you are unable to travel to the seaside, a virtual ‘Deep Dive by the Sea’ is a possibility.

Embark on your journey today and shape tomorrow.

This is more than just an invitation. It's an opportunity. A chance to break away from the known, to introspect, to converse with the sea, the horizon, and your own soul.

To ask profound questions and seek even more profound answers. The clarity and alignment you seek are just a train ride away. This isn't just another day; it's ‘A Deep Dive by the Sea’.


Maria’s genius is her ability to hold a space of genuine non judgement which allows her clients to be brave, to explore things that they perhaps wouldn’t explore in a different conversation or context. She asks the most insightful questions and then holds space and listens – allowing her clients the experience of being genuinely listened to, without judgement, without expectation, with complete openness: helping them to realise who they truly are, what they really want, and what’s truly important to them.

Her connection with and complete trust in her inner wisdom and intuition is inspiring: it creates an environment in which people can begin to trust their own.

Maria is an extraordinary person to work with. I

hesitate to call her a ‘coach’ because she is so much more than that: a coach, a mentor, a wise and intuitive guide and a wonderful presence. I thoroughly recommend working with her.

Sara Price


Maria is an extraordinary listener and her questions get right to the heart of an issue allowing you to tap into your soul, to identify how it wants to be expressed in your work and role as a leader. I would not have the clarity and rediscovered courage I now have without her help.

Nicola Deverson

Chartered Accountant, Envision Partnership Ltd.

Through insightful questions and deep listening, Maria helps you to navigate your inner voice and wisdom. She supports you in finding your own answers, and she creates an environment in which you can begin to trust your decisions and way forward. Maria helps you to explore your strengths and the way you see things through a new dimension that was not there before. A call with Maria is energizing and leaves you with options and ideas to continue your self-development.

Jenny Morin

Apple once said, “Think Different”. I invite you to “Lead Soulfully”. To become the beacon of soulful change the world needs.

A bit about me.

Being true to who we are and sharing it with the world requires stepping up and taking ownership of what we believe in. It was the same for me.

An intuitive systems thinker with over 30+ years in business operations and two decades of self-development, I have developed a passion for conscious self-leadership. To me, this means showing up fully. It means owning my truth and embodying it.

Others describe me as grounded, values-led, process-driven, and deeply intuitive, and I have a knack for seeing a system (its field), visualising it, and knowing how it all connects. And it is the same when I work 1:1 with someone, I intuitively know how things connect, and I am nudged about new connections or links that might not have been visible before. It is said that a systems thinking perspective needs Courage, Curiosity, Compassion, Clarity, and Choice. Some of my favourite words, all of them needed when we decide to show up fully.

When I embarked on my personal development journey all those years ago, I felt a yearning to be ME, to figure out what was important to me, to uncover my truth. I felt pulled towards language such as 'be a soulful leader and role model'.

If you’ve known me for a while you know that I get my inspiration and cues for taking action from inner guidance and that this is how I operate in my business and life in general. My content, card deck, and services, have been born from listening to my soul and by listening to inner guidance.

And over time a vision has formed: to help create a world where business owners, leaders, and role models embrace their soulful side, intertwining facts with feelings, logic with intuition.

There is no one-size-fits-all. The intention with A Deep Dive by the Sea is to offer a bridge – connecting your present to the future you envisage. This day is bespoke, helping you find your unique way excites me.

Through active listening, mirroring, and insightful questions, I help you connect with what you really want and what’s truly important to you in your work and your personal life.

I offer a safe space in which you can pause; escape the everyday hustle to recalibrate your thoughts and spend some time being truly present. Create some space to breathe, think, and realign with your deeper goals, the voice of your soul.

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