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Hi, my name is Maria. This safe space was created for you.

Here you can explore your truth, who you are becoming, and develop how you want to show up as a role model and soulful leader.



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Maria Baeck - A Soulful Leader

I help business owners and professionals get clarity on what 'soulful' looks like in their business, leadership, and lives.

My work is non-linear by nature, but there are three phases that are always part of the journey: exploration, alignment, and embodiment.

We start with finding CLARITY through exploration.

I help you get clear on YOUR TRUTH.

Rather than feeding you something new, I guide you to uncover what’s already there, what's TRUE for YOU.

A few testimonials.

"Maria’s genius is her ability to hold a space of genuine non judgement which allows her clients to be brave, to explore things that they perhaps wouldn’t explore in a different conversation or context. She asks the most insightful questions and then holds space and listens – allowing her clients the experience of being genuinely listened to, without judgement, without expectation, with complete openness: helping them to realise who they truly are, what they really want, and what’s truly important to them. I thoroughly recommend working with her."

– Sara Price, Actually

"Maria creates a safe and energized space for exploration & discovery. Through her heart-led questions and deep listening, I was easily able to draw out business and leadership gems/insights that wanted to make themselves known. I highly recommend her as a soulful guide and companion in the exploration and deepening process."

– Kelly WeissConscious Business Strategist

"Through insightful questions and deep listening, Maria helps you to navigate your inner voice and wisdom. She supports you in finding your own answers. Maria helps you to explore your strengths and the way you see things through a new dimension that was not there before. A call with Maria is energising and leaves you with options and ideas to continue your self-development."

– Jenny Morin

Why I do what I do.

As a teenager I was aware that I seemed to ask the right questions, and somehow I knew what to say in response to a friend’s question or problem. I couldn’t explain why or how I knew, I just did.

Some call that intuition. Back then I didn’t have a name for it, now I think of it as inner wisdom and guidance.

20 years into my corporate career, I’d lost touch with my inner guidance. There seemed to only be room for hard facts, logic, and linearity. That those were the only currencies.

Work was no longer as fun and fulfilling as it used to be. I felt disconnected, that something was missing. It was around this time that I realised that my soul had gone silent. Thanks to a series of events, one involving moving to another country, I started to become aware of my inner guidance and wisdom once again.

Discovering that my soul had gone silent is the reason I do what I do. I provide a safe space in which you can re-awaken and reconnect with your inner guidance and realign with who you truly are. A space where there is room to truly listen for the answer, whether it comes from lived experience, inner wisdom and guidance, or a bit of both.

If you'd like to learn more, why not book a free call to have a chat.